Sunday, September 7, 2014

Whitefish livers

Whitefish livers!
Cruise Caption Sherman of Apostle Island National Lakeshore informed me about whitefish livers. One can only find them in Wisconsin's Bayfield, USA. A small sleepy fishing town of the Great Lakes' Lake Superior.
Legend is that it all started in 1940, by a local restaurateur Greunke who learned this culinary art from visiting Scandinavian fishermen.
Whitefish is a silver-colored fish averaging about a half kilogram of weight.
Its meat is white and delicate in taste, not strong or fishy.The livers, which are about the size of a chicken's, are also delicate but hard to freeze and perishes easily. Locals consider it as an aphrodisiac.These fish are netted in open waters in the summer and through the ice-fish in the winter.
Why this delicacy is rare?
because, it takes about 70 fish to produce a kilo of livers. Also the fish is going extinct and this makes it 'too much time for too little money.'
Mary Rice, owner of most popular restaurant- Maggie's, a spot with pink famingo's includes Whitefish Livers in her menu.
As we went inside this small pink den, first thing we did was to order this rare and unique dish.
They look like pale pink chicken livers dusted with cornmeal and flour, served batter-dipped and lightly fried with salt, peppers and mushrooms on toast with lemon wedges and tartar sauce. They were indeed delicious.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Yakshas ยักษ์ Yak

Yakshas ยักษ์ Yak by saish746
Yakshas ยักษ์ Yak, a photo by saish746 on Flickr.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Leh Valley Panorama

Leh Valley Panorama by saish746
Leh Valley Panorama, a photo by saish746 on Flickr.

Ladakh Panorama

Ladakh Panorama by saish746
Ladakh Panorama, a photo by saish746 on Flickr.

Pangong Tso Panorama

Pangong Tso Panorama by saish746
Pangong Tso Panorama, a photo by saish746 on Flickr.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bye Bye 2013

Bye Bye 2013

This Year I was mostly out for long business trips to Dubai and Mumbai and frequent travelling made me a regular at Bangalore Airport. It was more like eating out and every weekend  a trip was planned to cover Mumbai and Dubai more than a local could in such a short span of 4 months at each city. While both cities complement each other and I never missed Bangalore.

Best movie: This year it was Ship of Theseus and Madras Cafe

Best Songs (Music directors/Lyricist and Singers): 
Tum hi Ho - Aashiqui-2

Best Destination:- Drive to Oman with My College Buddy Gunjan (Planned in a matter of hours), Red Hills
Best Food:- Charcoal Chicken  and Bihari Boti Kebab 

Best Place to Eat: - This year I had amazing experiences with new foods. From Dubai to Bangalore to Bombay. Some of My recommendation would be Karachi Darbar for Bihari Boti, Seafood at Gajalee, Mumbai, Parsi Food at Britannia, Mumbai, Brewed Beer at Doolally Pune. 
Best Drink:-  Double Black
Best Party:- Heineken Football party and KF Christams Party
Best Book:- Deewan-E-Ghalib
Best Win:- A Professional Award
Best Buy: Canon 7D and moving into Apple's gadgets 
Best TV find: Comedy Nights with Kapil 
Best portal Apps :- Finally I ended using FourSquare and Watsapp out of necessity as I was out of country and this is the best way to keep in touch with family. 
Best Games Played:- Plant Vs Zombies2 and Where is my Water?

Monday, December 30, 2013

A washerman's day

A washerman's day by saish746
A washerman's day, a photo by saish746 on Flickr.