Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quotes I Like

Life is Just predetermined then why we dream?

If your head is big, your hat has to be bigger.

When you Piss behind my back, piss when its raining.

What do i know about sex, I am a married man............................Tom Clancy

A King can do no wrong!

If ignorance is bliss, you must be orgasmic.

Gravity is a Push from upward towards our own existence-reality....................saurabh

perfection is not for the pure of soul; there may be virtue in sin

For the love of Rose, a gardener is servant of thousands of thorns.

The first cut is always the deepest 

Don't play Jesus, Your Halo smells!

I am still Drunk

I am still drunk

can feel the mix of alcohol with the internal body fluids
raised an intention of not gettin drunk
and the race began with more number of gulps down the throat
an urge erupted from within resisting the limits....

and i puked

I am still drunk

Loose ends

I've been with her a few times before we were regular. I loved her hair underneath my fingers; I adored her sultry looks, big dark eyes always charcoaled. I was moulded to be with for the elevations of my body to match her downhill’s. Or at least so I thought at the time. Now? Now I don't know whether anyone is made for anyone else. At one point I used to believe in the one perfect soul mate, the one person you would be with all your life, the one who made your heart suddenly pirouette and fall gently, gently on one ankle, for the smashing finale because you finally realized that no one but this person could make your heart do all that. I felt that. Period. Yeah, well, not so any more. There's no such thing as the perfect person, only idiosyncrasies that cancel out other idiosyncrasies and that too for a brief, magical time that's bound to end.
She said one day, just after we crashed and I was desperately scrabbling beneath the bed for some pitch, 'what are we? A fling? We couldn't be a fling, it's not as meaningless as that. A one-night stand?
“No, it's been more than one night. I mean, is this going anywhere?'’
She then asked me whether I'd like to date her, whether she'd be mine 'girlfriend'. I cornered my eyes and smiled and nodded, and that was that. I realized that sometimes labels don't really mean anything. I mean, you could be someone's girlfriend and still have to vie for his attention all the time; you could see your boyfriend's name flashing on your cellphone and press the Silent button so you didn't have to talk to him. Why you need some names or license if you really care about that. This way or that way you lose.
The problem, I believe, the essential issue with humankind, the reason we are all always at some level or another pissed off, is Reality Sucks.
One night the alcohol pushed another limit from another side of me and I said “I miss you sometimes and Yes, I love you”. Now, there the Human blood rushes for blush or anger, it surely does depend on the person standing on the other side. I was on the other side and that made her angry.
I guess she still is?
Was it better if I didn’t say anything at all? Like the way it was? Or it needs some end?
Loose ends.
They call it confidence,
I know i am lonely.

When they call it Loneliness,
I am more confident.

They Call it arrogance;now,