Monday, December 6, 2010

A Compulsory Time Wig - Indigo

Recently I flew on Indigo Airlines. This airline was actually ontime and they gave a great emphasis on being at par with their promise.
I like their non-typical Ad :-"ON POINT! ON TIME!"
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The flight was airborne in Delhi Foggy air right on time at 6:30 scheduled morning and landed as per time. Their air-hostesses were also keen on automatically noting the time of each move. A well done branding.

One thing I noticed that all the Air hostesses were looking the same, my curious eye was looking for the curious case. Suddenly I realized that all the crew were Females and they were carrying the same hair cut - coquettish bob.
As a part of this new makeover, the airline has  given them a chic blue tunic and a stylish cap along with a WIG.

This new change didn't only gave them an uniform smart look but also worked on their motto of saving time.
As they, now  do not need to spend time doing up your hair and can tuck it in the wig and get going, and the crew is also happy that their hair remains manageable during the course of the flight. Over the long run the Hair is not damaged by styling gel or other chemical products.
Apart from this, all the women wore bright red lipsticks and nail color. They were looking very intimidating and Dolli-sh. Everyone was wearing a badge --"Miss IndiGo", as if they ran a catwalk and all came as winner.

However I enjoyed my two-way flight with Indigo. Esp for its Time keeping promise.

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Prats said...

Our Aviations minister Mr Praful Patel has got a huge stake in Indigo.. No wonder it gets preference in terms of parking bay, landing n take off and aero bridges etc...