Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shaitan's not enough Horns but Bunny Ears

When you saw credit and special thanks to Danny Boyle at the end credit of "DEVD" and "GULAL" you often wondered, how could Anurag Kashyap follow Danny Boyle. Nevertheless we have seen the gory Drugs and Killers in the banned PAANCH, which was a true story based out of Pune. This first movie of Anurag was what we all remember, Disturbing and too black. But when you bring Danny boyle's Trainspotting and a dash of Clockwork Orange which  you cannot turn it into a better cocktail but mess up like that of a bloody merry with all the wrong spices. And when you mix bullshit with blood you cannot get a Kubrik style clockwork, neither a thriller like Fincher. Even a copy of Anurag's nemesis RGV would have been much better for this Black yet Gray  roller coaster. 'Very Bad Things' and a used story about fail self-kidnapping midst Drugs and an accident like that of 'I know what you did last summer' doesn't keep you off the edge but drags you with its not so psychedelic camera movements. The slow and fast editing were not synchronized and orchestrated , which yield in a mild headache. and then you wished you too could use your own share of cocaine.

On the top of that you have a Cop Vs Cop feature which is far from the reality and a Von gogh Painting which can be bought by an Mumbai Inspector and pissing him through his divorce. The Dumb inspector wife was missing a screenplay, while whole movie was scattered by a missing screenplay. The dialogues were shared like a good Hindi speaking parsi and a NRI as like an Apple and an Orange. Both Sour. Music was loud and not a score.Slow song sequences of 'Khoya khoya chand' in a stairway chawl with a cop shooting drug handlers could not be a comparison of "Singing in the rain" nor the Tarantino's Pulp fiction. It was a complete waste of old classic and the  editing team of A. Sreekar Prasad. Bejoy Nambiar took the inspiration from Kashyap's previuos flick but couldnot follow in his footstep. The stakes were high and delivery was a short pitched Bollywood weekend masala. I missed the songs like that of Anurag's previous ventures.

However the casts were good enough especially Raj Kumar Yadav and Rajiv Khandelwal . Character of Dash and KC were badly written and badly performed by Shiv Pandit  and Gulshan Devaiya. Both were not crazy enough to justify KK's role in PAANCH.  Tanya was a misfit in this total trendy color frenzy flick. She mouthed the worst line too- "Hollywood, how many men have you slept with?" While Pavan Malhotra was good enough as a Police commissioner and has grown with his acting. Coming to Kalki , the muse and now the wife of Kashyap was in the delusion of her mother in a frantic way which killed the opening and end of this movie. The dead mother in the Bathtub with soapy bubbles was all about a bad hallucination. A reference uttered through the film by Amy - Kalki's character. Although she did some justice in some of the scenes but could not be a stealer. You can straight blame it to the direction and cinematography (Madhi ).

What  could have been a CULT was wasted by Nambiar.

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