Sunday, July 1, 2012

Re-imaging Spidey - The Amazing Spider-man

The houseful theaters prove that Spiderman's franchise is way bigger than its movies. It does matter who is the new amazing Spiderman, as long as there is more of Spidey than lame Peter Parker. This is fourth sequel which has more of dark Spider-man and his journey finding himself (unknowingly).
The first half of movie is a wasted effort to let us know again how Mr Parker was bitten by a spider in a lab and from a timid school boy he turned into a street fighter and designed a costume to finally become a super hero Spider-man.
This was so boring journey to re-visit more humanly spidey , even the web shooters were artificial and Webb didn't draw the hero muscular, taking his vice from Ultimate Spider-man. Webb even made the villain little human and comparing  Dr. Curt Connors / The Lizard with Godzilla will a similar mistake to that of comparing an ant to an elephant.

Andrew Garfield was honest as a cute next door school boy however less convincing as a superhero and this time there were no great powers hence no great responsibility. but focused on  secrets: the ones we keep... and the ones that are kept from us. A secret formula to grow limbs and mutants. We had so many mutant before and it was also surprising to know that the antidote was made before the poison. The movie lacks charisma of a superhero marvel. Neither the Hero nor the Antagonist was big enough to carry the sequel.
We have seen everything before.The promise of turning this one a 3D was another failure. You might see less of graphical heights and more of acting prowess of Garfield. While Sam Raimi was more into super sets and better action, Webb drilled down to emotional aspect of a super-hero. Beware Kids may not like this !!!
Mary-Jane Watson was replaced by old timer and more punk smart Gwen Stacy. This too blonde  actress was a weak link and Emma Stone had some mixed performance. Rhys Ifans was quite convincing than other casts in the movie. Irrfan had better screen presence than Anil Kapoor in Mission -impossible but he never bragged about it and always confessed it as a smaller role. However he might need to put more expression and eyes while delivering in English. 
Marc Webb is saved by  the franchise'........

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