Saturday, October 20, 2012

Student of the Year - Somewhere in Fantasy universe

I just want to ask one question to Karan Johar - Did you ever go to a real school ever , even while shooting ?
Because I have not seen school boys driving expensive cars at the vulnerable age of 17 years and wearing  designer dresses leave apart school dress.
I have never seen barring few sporting beard and sexy hairstyles. All the good especially top class schools be it Doon school, Mayo,Scindhia, Lawrence, Sherwood,Welham's, Mussourie International, Sacred Heart, DPS, DAV, St Pauls, anyone for that matter are disciplined and have a good fleet of teachers. Dean is a important body not a gay caricature and then there are other important teachers like Head of departments, Principal etc.
And no college is so clean leave alone the canteen.
St Teresa school never looked to me like a convent co-educational institution rather it looked like Air Crew training Institute.
There are not just one sports teacher/faculty in entire school of the stature shown in the movie.
The main contest looks so stupid that for winning STUDENT OF THE YEAR, You need to win a treasure hunt and Prom Dance. We are still in Indian schools and Prom events are not so out of fantasy. The Guys are all good or Rich. And all Rich people have broken families. Huh...
I cannot imagine a 17 year old girl in Bikini looking Hot and seducing a guy who is all muscle. When did boys of 17 years old use dumbbells to tone their muscles like Stallone. What age did you start shaving?
Do you ever know a student who prepares for a swimming/Running/Cycling competition by going into a gym and running on treadmill. 
I haven't even seen a uni-sexual competition . And lets not talk about such a competition its like banging your own head on a brick wall where dogs donot lift their legs to pee.
One thing is sure that  Karan Johar is definitely not the director of the year. Copying three vintage songs and utilizing the fruits is not always a good idea with 4 newcomers.
The only cool and hip thing was casting Alia Bhatt, She is cute , innocent, lovely and easy to eyes. Onlly thing that ruined is her character. 
I would have loved this movie if and only if there would be statuary disclaimer like :-  "This is a work of Fantasy fiction. Characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination and no way it can be related remotely to any resemblance to actual schools, events or locales or persons, living or dead.."

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