Monday, December 28, 2009

We like to Pun

We like to Pun
Past is Glorious!

I remember when I was reading a magazine on the bench of the dental hospital waiting my turn. I saw a girl next to me, playing on her I-phone. Right opposite was an elderly man looking at us with all his amusement.
Something flashed to me, that what if I am that old person and I am sitting there and watching two youths 40-50 years down the line. The boy holding the magazine and reading it would appear more wise and intelligent while the girl holding an I-phone would look like careless, independent, not so intelligent type. Do the hobbies or interest of yours give you an image?
Will you trust a doctor who is wearing a T-shirt with “I can bet my wife on 3 Aces” has an ear pierced, and wearing torn jeans holding a jazzy phone operating for Root canal treatment?
Or will you trust a fashion designer who is wearing a cotton silk kurta with kohlapuri sandals?
1000 years back student used to meditate and learn. Then we had books and magazines. Now we have internet/ notebooks and smart phone which also educate us. Will the person coming out of time machine will interpret that the same knowledge passed by these three has different values. Does statistical weighted average mean will come for the analytical rescue?
Will you respect your father if you see him gulping Walkers and crying over a girl he could not marry?
Will you kiss a snake that comes with no fangs dangling out but with a beautiful pink skin?
Beat this, if I do some photography implies that I am creative and have a taste towards art. So according to this theory a marriage photographer is the most creative person you will encounter especially during marriage festive.

Bottom line:
‘When you have a responsibility your Image should compliment it.’
When I was young (teen), I used to hate the culture grown around our society, and I used to find ways like all other teen to rout it. I promised myself that when I will marry, I will go in wearing a T-shirt and jeans that too torn. How can someone’s basic property will change just by wearing different dress?
However I see the world with a view not to change its strange idotic ways………
Now like all the wise people I too play foolish.
Now please for chisssake don’t make an image out of me as I am writing this blog during office hours pretending to do work.

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