Thursday, December 17, 2009

KnightRider -Lepakshi trip

15th Nov Ride to Lepakshi
Around 35 bikes rolled up near Hard Rock Cafe Bangalore for the Ride.

We started around 7'0clock with a lovely dramatic sky.

We followed riding in a formation all the way. On open highways we did Double staggered formation. At narrower( single lane roads), we moved into in a straight
line formation. It was great to click the frame with open Sky and a long bike formations. 

Machine Machine Roar Roar.

Soon we reached Lepakshi in AndhraPradesh (140Km From Bangalore).
We Parked our Bull next to the Temple after the Great Nandi Bull Monolithic statue.

We hired a tour guide, a nice guy who explained the 
architectures with each having a story compared to Shakespere. the temple was built by Virupanna, treasurer of Vijayanagara King Achutharaya. When Virupanna was accused of excesses of spending for the temple, he is said to have plucked out his eyeballs in anguish and thrown them on the walls of the temple. Tour guides showed two faded brownish stains on the walls as the bloodstains of Viroopanna. A five headed serpent over a linga - is said to have been created when the artists were free and looking to do something to kill time!There were nice Frescos and hanging pillers along with great sculputures. Lakshmi and Vishnu were supposed to be married here.

Soon We were back on the road to be back to Bangalore. It was a lovely thumping.
Tats me

total distance-350+
Riders:(not exact)
1. Debraj & Mormita
2. Anup
3. Ajay Kurpad
4. Praveen Unni & Christine
5. Lakshmi
6. Rajesh
7. Baddu
8. Varun
9. Varun's Pal
11. Rupak
12. Kishore Rangarajan
13. Sahtish
14. Shashwat
15. Srinivas
16. Arundeep
17. Vachan Somanna & Shailaja
18. Vijay
19. Pavan Vasanth Kumar
20. Arvin
21. Shakti and Wife
23. Srinivas
24. Saurabh & sakshi
25. Santhosh Joshi
26. Suresh
27. Ram Sudhir
28.Ajay Visvanathan
29. Pramod Bhat
30. Rajesh
Kushal N.T
. Harish
33. Rooney
34. Venu Nair
35. Michael Roden
36.Tej Kumar + Prashant
37. Nagraj & Ravi
38. Purshottam
39. Kadam


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