Friday, October 23, 2009

You don't undersatnd me

The night seems lonely and destroyed,
Beauty getting lost in its darkness,
Sadness rolling all over like fire.
Thinking of you seems to assert,
you don't understand me.

                        In this demonstration of my dead existence,
                        Candle light illusion seems to decay like autumn.
                        Spirits lifts the lifeless part of me,
                        and; sends them for odyssey.
                        Save me from these dreams, I might have tonight;
                        Try to understand me.

Your alibis are as false as you pretend,
you are getting sinked in your defenses.
and me, getting ruined by your leery ways.
In my eternal damnation; I'll go alone.
You could have been with me,
if you'd have cared to understand me.

                        Is this imminent for us to be in broken pieces?
                        Change your views and everything will change.
                        Don't mix pain with hate and revenges.
                        For all your everlasting attacks,
                        One thing I can be sure of,
                        --You don't understand me.
                                          DAMN YOU !

------------------------------- 30th March 2001
-----------posted on memory of my first wisdom.------------- 

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