Sunday, January 24, 2010

BYE BYE 2009


An year of recession and No Hike should have something best to compensate the deeds. I am jotting down all the good things that happened to me in 2009. The year went without any resolution and failed attempts to promote myself as Handsome. Ooooppppss!! I could not put my weight back to 70's scale. Nevertheless I enjoyed a lots of Biryani in Hyderabad and Bangalore. I learnt to cook excellent biryani too, with Desi Ghee.
The Year was bad for the finances, yet I bought three gadgets/Machines that were needed and used extensively to the idea of satisafction and salvation. I became traveler Byond! (A copyrighted name), when i bought A DSLR, A HP Pavilion and A RoyalEnfield Thunderbird 350CC.
I met excellent people made excellent groups and started Facebook application. Though i created my account 4 years before but was stuck to leave Orkut. Thanks to Orkut that they changed their classic view and copied facebook, and i was forced to stuck with originals.
Here are the lists of want went good happenchance or planned:

Best movie: DevD, Gulaal
                       Inglorious Bastards,Invictus

Best Songs (Music directors/Lyricist and Singers):
From movie DevD(Amit trivedi)/ Gulaal (Piyush Mishra)/ Kaminey (Gulzar/Vishal)
Best Destination: Sharavathi River Valley trek and Sarchu
Best Ride: Lepakshi bike ride 2009

Best Food: Karimeen in Kerala, Special Chicken biryani (Meghna Biryani).
Best Place to Eat: Café Rendezvous (Pondicherry), Kakori Kebabs in Heera Panna,
Best Drink: TGIF followed by Little Italy.
Best Trip: Coorg-Madikeri 2 day Ride.
Best Book: Sam's Story, Lonely Planet
Best Dare: Paragliding and Snoring (Ya you got it right)
Best comic strip: 

Best Buy: My RE Thundebird 350CC roaring thumping Mean Machine.
Best TV find: NDTV Goodtimes- Highway on my plate.

It made me go to restaurants for 4 times just after watching it. Yummy and Down to earth.

Best Google Search: Trips to Sharavathi, Bike4sale,
Best portal: I got hooked to Facebook and Twitter like all others, but thank God still no idea about Farmville and Mafia.
Best News: Gulzar did not go personally to receive Oscars;

Pink Chaddi Campaign became a hit on 14th Feb 2009,

Best Moments:  Should I Discuss it ----Ok I got a phone call from my sister in Dec2009 and my world got empty and shattered yet it was the best. Keep Guessing You Morons!!



Rocky'n'Mayur said...

thanks for the appreciation and glad you got to visit a few places we went to. Now you have a bike and the country is vast so go for it :)


Saurabh said...

Thanks Mayur, Sure . and I hope that one day we catch up in some dhaba with great food.......