Monday, June 7, 2010


How can you mess a greatest epic with the greatest novel. If you want to witness that mess--watch Raajneeti.

The movie revolves around two sub-families killing each other and talking through media for the chair of CM. All the drama started with a heart attack and the half brothers started the deadly Mahabarat.

This long movie was no good as the endings were known and the Goldclass seats were too comfortable. This combination was also not good, to sit you throughout. This is one of the Jha’s worst story line with the weakest dialogues. Surprisingly RGV’s adaptation was more grasping and full of expressions.
The protagonist’s choice was expressionless yet thoughtful which was not captured by the rolling camera. Kaif was the chosen girl unlike Sarkar and she messed it up whole time.
Unnecessary kissing and Intimate scenes spoiled the rhythm, with each one night stand turning into a pregnancy. Jha is not great in Romance and female portraits. Apharan, Damul, Parinati and Gangajal are his best and they are no comparison to the newest politically incorrect.
Ajay Devgan was wasted like a side kick to flashy Manoj bajpayi. The story was weakened further by so many killings followed too easily to the same family. The slap by the police officer will make you remember Godfather I, but soon the comparison with Young Al pacino and Young Ranbir will bring you back. Arjun As sunny was not furious and from the intelligent lot. Every killings and hired murders were done so directly that it didn’t go down well. The Gay man, who betrayed on his soul party, just to protect his gayness, will actually make you think about the story writer missing the punch. The Gay partner was murdered like a horse in his sleeping bed. A bad copy. Not expected from Prakash Jha. And to add, I did not see Naseer and Nana stealing a single frame.
Two parties game in the movie is unusual in the Indian Politics, Shruti seth as the bait was even worse and didn’t explain anything. The changing game of the reverse was too repeated that it became mundane. No longer was the thrill held.
Somehow Ranbir’s coldness was depicted well, but Jha tried hard to explain the motive behind it, which was not at all needed. The only thing I liked in the movie was the thought full smoke. Ranbir definitely smokes better than Ajay (in Gangajal). Atleast he held the cigarettes better than the expressions.

However Arjun, Ranbir and kaif should go back to Akhtar’s,Chopra and Johars.
The worst part of the movie was the Kaif’s speech at the end of the movie. Thank god it was her’s first speech and thankfully the last.

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