Friday, August 27, 2010

Aashayein and Expectations

 It’s a movie where reality meets fantasy. Nagesh Kukunoor have always dealt real issues in a very subtle ways and showcased us the true beauty behind the camera. Be it Dor, Iqbal or Hyderabad Blues’ the story lines were greatly woven with camerawork and screenplay. Aashayein lacked in story and screenplays. But kukunoor knows how to extract the performances from the casts.

The moment the protagonist wears the cowboy’s hat of Harrison Ford and lands into Ark full of Ghosts, the story looked childish. Before this turn, the first half is worth watching and it was touching the nerves. Soon the contact with emotional aspect got lost and a thrill ride happened. The entire human aspect of the movie lost its meaning.

The Movie opened with a very great camera and a real betting zone where one easily win some 3 crore Rupees. Another marvelous moment followed with a small party and a proposal. The Director didn’t spend much time telling you the dilemma the movie is going to deal. After all you need money to die too...

Enter Hospice, where the death is not serious and looked like a filmi-set.
Sonal Sehgal looked efficiently beautiful. Nagesh was sure that this girl does not need a makeup to be more beautiful. Her performances were carried well. Anita Nair as an obnoxious kid was brilliant with a Wiggy effect. The last wish was something one could die for. She got some good lines along with Girish Karnad. This Chak de girl was brilliant than the famous self. The only weak character was of Farida Jalal, whose role and acting didn’t do any justice with an HIV infected person, she was eating well and shown well without any hint of AIDS. John was chosen because of the innocence and carrying beard. However his cigarettes and holding ashes over them looked quite amateurish. Abraham did his bit with an effort; he was good in eating mangoes and impersonating Ford. The small child avatar with big eyes and hanging teeth was amazing and a beautiful story teller.

Like always, this movie had a happy ending. A low budget film with promises not delivered as it should be. There was not a single scene stealer in this movie where one needs to hold back his tears. There was even a tribute to Hrishikesh mukherjee.The beach song was unnecessary and worst among the lot. Salim-Suleiman music was catapulted to touch emotional strings.

Kukunoor need to stick to his blue satire and the realistic movies where we don’t see any fantasies.

No need to take it to the Heart.

One Star for the performances and camera.


Rohit said...

Good review, but i'll still watch the film...

Saurabh said...

its worth a try. Well tried by kukunoor.