Sunday, August 8, 2010

Clueless Aisha Tentwali

One thing this movie teaches youà to Avoid L’Oreal. And it’s the Eye mascara to be very specific.
Jane Austen died for the fourth time today (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Clueless). Thanks to Kapoors...

Sonam kapoor is still a kid and that’s too daddy’s kid. His freakiness will surely make your head go wag. The fashion statements and the svelte looked so fragile on her thin frame that it gave Size Zero a competition. The Always-Open-wide-Smiling-Mouth was such a distress that one could bang one’s head onto the theatre’s wall.
New face- Amrita Puri played a nice middle class Shefali with a naïve, gullible character, and believe me she looked more beautiful than fashionable AISHA.

Thanks to the guys for the rescue…
Randhir gambhir was humorous but expressionless as he was a MTV Bakra himself. Looks like Abhay Deol is left unjustified with not so complicated act... unconventional hero in a fashion "chick-flick". Nice choice but a misfit......He was there just to throw some punch line after reading too many read-between-the-lines dialogues.
Some sexy River rafting shots were taken,the designer shorts and dresses looks pretty on Lisa Hayden.It was good that she didn't have much to say in the movie. Upper-class shopping and lifestyle was captured well.
some nice lines---
Aisha-”you will never know a girl.”
Arjun-“I just know women”
Rajshree Ojha seems lost in delhi holding Gucci bags, Luis Vitton Suitcase, Dior Perfume, Chanel’s Perfume, D&G belts, Elle,……. His Close-ups were so out of focus that you paid more attention to bad screenplays. An inspiration from Kjo’s KKHH didn’t help him much.
A predictable end of a freaky fashion show.

Qualifies only for negative stars.
PS: All my views expressed here are my personal views. Please do not consider it to be neutral. 

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