Thursday, November 4, 2010

बम और दिवाली और हम

It was the day before Diwali and we had our list ready. The list was full of our explosive dreams and tomorrow would be the night for making them come true. We sat behind the Rajdoot and went to the market. Toady the streets were narrow, as fireworks vendors are occupying most of the space.
We were very specific and we were brand loyal "Cock Brand Sri Kaliswari Fire Works, Sivakasi". This loyalty is proving costly today as they are the leading fireworks and they don't come cheap.
For 300 Rs we used to get a Sack full of Cracker Load and we never bother about the prices . Sparkles (फुलझरी) were like matchsticks.
Our next task was to put all the clay oil lamp in water to absorb more water and give more light. and the second task was to put all the crackers in Sunlight to make them go real bang.

Plans were made on how to tie the Naagin Bomb to the tail of a stray dog (नागिन बम, सुतली बम), if not atleast we used to blast them as near as possible so that the Dog should really be scared. Another plan was to impress the colony girls that we were real men and can blast crackers in our bare hands, be it a Atom Bomb itself (आलू बम, हाइड्रोजन बम, एटम बम). Saanp and Chakri (सांप and चकरी) were for girls.

Now it was to find a bottle launcher, suitable for our Rocket targets (राकेट बम). The special angle was planned to send the Rocket to a foe's house or to the Girl's house who would dare us. Our plans were secret. We were also expert of setting the time bombs, by using incense sticks and tying bomb to it with the perfect timings. We were never wrong. Our battlefield with empty buckets, Drums, Hollow Well, tanks were ready. The zone was marked with our targets. No warnings were made, we were for kill--Silent kill.

Sweets were Damned, The feast was for victory. Laced with Matchsticks and Candles we went all the way.

  • सुतली बम ,
  • मिरचाई बम,
  • साईरान बम,
  • राकेट बम,
  • राकेट ,
  • आलू बम,
  • हाइड्रोजन बम,
  • एटम बम,
  • पैराशूट बम,
  • दीवाल बम,
  • हवा बम,
  • बुल्लेट बम,
  • मिर्ची बम,
  • अनार,
  • अनार बम,
  • चकरी,
  • फुस्फुसिया बम,
  • रंगीन फुलझरी,
  • फुलझरी,
  • चुटपुटिया बम,
  • टार्च बम,
  • पेन्सिल बम,
  • लड़ी बम,
  • सतरंगा बम,
  • नागिन बम,
  • सांप
  • बिजली  बम
  • मेर्री गो राउंड 
  • फूँक  बम 
  • साईरन चकरी

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