Friday, October 22, 2010

A Slain History- RakhtCharitra - I

Ok, So this is not "Company" nor "Sarkar", Leave "Satya" behind. 
Going by the India's talented director, This is not his masterpiece. and I cannot take any excuses. Ram Gopal Varma's vengeance is filled with gore and blood, too excessive that Varma has lost the grip of portraying the lines of expression.

The film opens very slow trying to have a grip on the subject with the prelude of blood-saga. The use of wide -angle rotating shots were very well taken, RGV only missed the zoomed in expressions this time. The capture of blood rising and high speed camera rolling against the Gandhi gave an impact and a great opening. RakhtCharitra is based on true story but not real, there is a mix of everything. The films loses the thrill and the background score is too loud. Except the title background, which actually keeps you in flow with the sickle tool.

The story has nothing to deliver new , but RGV tackled it very well with the real casts and the action sequences will take you to your neighborhood. Definitely not a masterpiece but a well narrated story.  This time he made use of the same stable and the same breed of unseen baddies, real to the core. The masala is high towards the red chilly.There are scenes which will make you grit your teeth, tighten your muscle and flinch your eyes, but all are in few scenes. RGV has a great subtle style of direction. 

Vivek Oberoi slipped into the skin of slayer very easily and was captured well too. His entry was definitely slow but the camera marked its perfection, a new kind of Bollywood has ever seen. Satrughan sinha added a distintive  flavor of perfectism and his character in the late second half had some great performances. The example of Ramanyana was used with proper misunderstanding throughout the movie. Abhimanyu singh was brilliant again as the real demon and the way his eyes spilled character is sure to catch an attention. Varma was really good enough  to capture the eyes. Then there was the beginning of Suriya at the end of the movie, which actually stopped many in disbelief and ecstasy from leaving the theater. 

The movie has nothing other than the overflow of blood,  No romance , no comedy, no tragedy, no emotional dialogue, no good looking female or male, no celebration, no set , no location and just one unnecessary silliest song. RGV is only proving himself as a rebel to Bollywood. and again against women. Yes, there is nothing for the fairer sex as said by RGV during the relaese of the movie that "this movie is not for women, they can sit at home" and "definitely not for people who liked 'Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham'".

The only pure dislike was Varma itself with his Voiceover, He should sit on the director chair calling the shots.
so the other half of review will be released on Nov 19th, hold your guns till then (Rise of Ravi is complete and lets wait for the Fall   err or the Rise of Suri???????????).........

Two for great Title and the Rebel RGV.

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