Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Khichdi- A Dose of Unlimited Thali

खिचड़ी is not just a dish made of rice and daal, but this Khichdi has all the M for Garam Masalas, T for Lemons and B for Fried Onions'- Tadka maad ke !!!!!

You will not only be served with Khichdi but the full unlimited thali. And you will get:

  • Ghee :as Witty lines are the USPs
  • Baingan ka Bharta:Jayshree
  • Enjoy Aaloo ka bharta (mashed potato with onions, green chilli and salt):Hansa
  • and crisp Papad : Tulsidas
  • get along with Pickles too: Praful
  • Then lick tomato chutney (blanched tomato, onion, green chilli): Lady Parminder
  • and finally Raita: Himanshu.

The TV sitcom has come to silver screen, and a movie buff like me who never watches these sitcoms was all surprised. The laughter kept coming in small pockets from this super-characterization of Parekh families. The movie will not push you with the bullshit humor, but the consistent smile with the non consistent head shakes that will make you wonder about the silly and witty lines. The whole family is real stupid, down to the core. At least the khichdi is clean and hygienic, with no double meaning at all like our new generation of comedy. Yes the whole family can watch and enjoy this Gujju delicacy. 

This is an answer to The Simpsons and his family of idiots, You cannot find better idiots than them. The screenplay is not idiotic but smart and rule the movie. Real dumb and dumber and dumberer. The camera and direction is simple and no special mention is required. The forced songs are useless but again spoofy, however the market song is better.
All the actors are well justified and they are within the skin of their TV roles.

One star for the screenplay and the courage of transforming small screen coms to silver screen. 

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