Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you guys Biologists?

We two Photo-enthusiasts planned a photo run to Cubbon park situated in the middle of Bangalore. Our aim was to capture some candid shots of  "Morning People". My intention of not calling this as Photo-walk is mainly because we run to capture the most in a limited time frame, though patiently. But at this walk our run was halted by small ants.....

We reached Cubbon Park early morning and took out our tools to shoot Nature and People and their connection. We reached near King Edwards IV statue and I found some Ants moving up and down against an electric pole. The Sun was in favor of us and I couldn't resist my temptations. Soon I was lashed with 75-300mm Lens and started shooting those little red ants. 

These Fire Ants were moving rapidly up and down the pole as if they were stung by their own stings.

I was not satisfied with my earlier shots and kept shooting with different angles. It was like a kingfisher waiting for the right fish to strike. After some half an hour, Gautam was tired and he gave up. However he got one good shot. It was a shot of Ants carrying one dead ant.

I, However, stuck to my thirst and was busy experimenting some Macro shots at 300mm. Suddenly a family of three appeared besides us, thrilled to watch us with our burly cameras.The girl - child was holding her father's hand, when her mother asked us: - "Are you guys, Biologists?"

and I said --"Hell No!".

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