Friday, September 3, 2010

Creativity in Smoke

I always feel that why there are people who spend their creativity out for social cause? I will talk specifically about Anti-Smoking ads, where the creativity has been spent without any fruitful outcome.
My subject is primarily inspired from one of my friend’s conceptual and pictorial message. This message talks about comparison between an electrical mosquito repellant and cigarettes. The message is loud and clear, esp. for Non-smokers, who knew these behind the back of their mind.
A Smoker will see this message as an immunity boost. Like mosquitoes, like smokers. They tend to breed from low lying gutters and saturated waters. Similarly smokers have a saturated brain, dwelling and shaking just to hold a nicotine breath. Coins always have two sides, irrespective of the thickness of each side.
From Quitters, Inc. to “No Smoking”, the difficulty in quitting is often portrayed as the roadblock for smokers.
World No Tobacco day has issued an ad, as good as it can be. It’s like parking reserved for privileged persons and the vacant space is shown for non-smokers and without any surprise it’s vacant.
Strikingly, smoking is often related to masculinity. The irony is that it makes you impotent hardly make a bell ring.  There are few print ads depicting it very creatively. and the serious fun part is the smokers are not art lovers. They need the message direct and in straight format.
The advertisements below clearly shows that erectile dysfunction as one the major side effect an smoker should worry about. after all, there are other good things than mere  smokes.
In one of the ad below, "taking rubbish in your mouth" is actually a metaphor for smoking and you know the job. However more feminist will agree with this comparison.

Personification of cigarettes are also done to make an impact. Always the human characteristics, life span, hearing ability are depicted with a vanishing cigarette/s. The time is ticking, blowing time in smoke etc are used so often that one can become immune to it. 

Mostly all the ads have humor attached to it, where the message is delivered ineffectively. In this case the art and creativeness is appreciated but message.
The ad where an animal lover, esp, cockroach lover pleading smokers not to pass cancers to the lovely cockroaches is funny. The humor will never come out of the joke book into the deep frying pan, where it should hit. A pity on smokers.

There are some beautiful ads which can be also missed by smokers. They will never think twice to know the hidden answers behind the questions asked.

"Cancer Cures smoking" will always make you read the line twice, sure a head turner and thought provoker. It cannot be simpler than this. it's a non pictorial ad, simply straight forward. A warning between lines, often missed by smokers, as they do from cigarettes packets. 
However I believe that even 20% of world’s population will watch these meaningful creativities, then it will somehow remain in their brain. In turn the effective rate to recall them will be 1%, totaling to 1 million people, which is a large number.

This is a unique anti-smoking print advertisement campaign launched in Riyadh to urge people to quit smoking. The campaign has used a very innovative approach for the campaign that has apparently showing far reaching negative implications of smoking. The advertisements are showing burning cigarettes having its ashes intact where they have shown what else are burning with tobacco. The campaign has displayed many structures and buildings are being burnt while the second ad shows people are being burnt with the cigarette. The campaign apparently aims at conveying the fact that tobacco does not only kill the smoker but people around them as well.

People often portray smoker as males, however the above ad doesn't forget the pregnant women who smokes. A great message indeed. The human and its humanity has to born unadulterated.
Smoking also causes amputations and some missing tissues. Its a bullet with slow poison, so slow and addictive that you may never realize the pun.

There are so may campaign with so many great messages; let’s hope that smokers do take a hint from them.

Special mention : Gautam Dogra : A friend and a photographer

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Gautam said...

very well compiled. We dont need appreciations. I would say even if one person whether he/she is our friend or not, gets motivated and quits smoking the purpose is solved.

Diljot said...

nice blog bro :)