Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Unusual Goa

Everybody who has been to Goa talks about The Beaches, The Babes and The Boozes OR The Sun, The Sand and The Sex. The usuals come down as a part of Bandwagon Effect and eventually become the carriage wain. 
  • -          There are more beach stalkers and vendors than the beaches. They will even sell sand if you wish to purchase them. Don’t forget to bring dollar$.
  • -          The Hippies are long gone, legacy remains. You search whatever; you will end up meeting desperate Indians in search of lost legacy.
  • -          Each and every Hotel calls themselves a Beach resort and they are just 200 m off the beach. In other words: The average distance between the beach and the beach resorts are around 2 minutes walk.
  • -          Not all shacks are funky and plays trance. Some are dead like fish and smells like one.
  • -          The beach reclining chair will be cheaper if you buy them from a furniture shop than renting them on the beach. Yes, the prices go up to 200 Rs per Hour till sunset.
  • -          Still the butter chicken and Naan are cheaper than Sea-foods. Goa does not boast a good seafood collection cheaply available. Lobsters and king prawns are way costlier than Russell market in Bangalore.
  • -          Cows go on strike at dusk on the road. Try maneuvering your vehicle instead of honking.
  • -          There is only one Discothèque- Tito’s and it’s crowded and ill mannered as BMTC bus. The staff will treat you like a “Feni –drinker” even if you wish to go out of Tito’s.
  • -          Don’t forget that Feni is not cool and cannot be compared to Vodka. It is officially classified as ‘Country Liquor’ and stop blaming Tequila.
  • -          Xacuti is actually a Goan curry dish and it’s excellent with its spices. So is vindaloo and there is no Aaloo (potatoes) in it.
  • -     Remember to keep your Beach towel in front of your eyes, Don't keep them hanging behind the recline. There are many street (Beach) Dogs, who are ready to lift their leg. 
  • -  Goa is not just churches and beaches, there are some amazing breathtaking picturesque Forts. The great myth with Dil Chahta Hai and Aguada Fort is actually true. Try Chapora Fort too.
  • -          Just remember that whatever the name may sound like, French, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Israelis’, or German- they are truly Indian. Casa Portuguese, Britto's, Souza Lobo, Le Casa, Bella Ciao and many other are run by Indians. So expect an Indian touch to international flavor and please give them some 30 odd minutes to take down your order. Remember you are on relaxing tour.
  • -          Famous Water sports only include Para-sailing, Water scooter / speed boat.  I see Baywatched beaches with Jeeps doing some round to cater safety to tourists. That a good thing, but don’t except Pamela Aunty to rescue you.
  • -          Last but not the least- the Liqueur in Goa at shacks and beaches are not cheap. Obviously if you buy them at the Wine Shop then its dirt cheap, but remember you are a tourist.  A beer worth 25 rs is only worth 25 rs if you buy them at Wine shops.

Apart from the unusuals, the usuals are great when compared to any coastal region in India, which brings me back to Goa again and again. Right from the 30th Day till 30th year of my life, I ve been to Goa 30 times.


Gagandeep said...

Very true about the Hippi legacy, they r gone but we still have their successors as Indians who r out of cash, their home n senses....

N rest whatever you said, don't forget we Indians are best in doing that. :)

Gautam said...

Its a good writeup.You are so right about the beach stalkers and vendors out there. If you have a lady along with you, the vendors are going to stick right there forcing you to buy useless stuff. Also, about the shacks not being upto the mark in terms of music and food. There is only one discotheque - thanks to the govt. they wont let other one come up until the gangsters of titos stop feeding them. And ya, ha ha, beach reclining chairs- crazy people charge crazy amount for it?? somehow we never paid for lying down there if i ordered something every other hour!

But then here is something i want to share-

. Hippies- You wont find them in Goa at this point of time. Its a big movement and its supposed to be in Nepal at this time of year so expect them to come here next month. They are not going to stay at one place all year long :P.
. Sea food has to be expensive when all of it is exported out of India so how do u expect to see "good seafood collection" there, no point comparing it to butter chicken.

But one thing is certain, after reading your blog, a feeling has born inside my mind. I want to hit Goa asap!

Saurabh said...

Rightly said GD. I ve added somemore points i forgot due to office pressures... Read them. i love your comments.
Regarding Hippies- yes they r there but totally secluded and times r changing for everyone.

Gautam said...

I liked the "dog lifting their leg" part hehe!! seems like you experienced it.
Honestly, now i am waiting for pictures, and then my trip to Goa. Wish money was in abundance! Sigh!