Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kahaani has a script but not conviction

*********************************SPOILER ALERT*********************************

Let me start this by bringing a fact, even a good script which could be delivered in a hollywoodish style should not compare CIA , FBI with that of Indian CID or IB. Our intelligence is not at par with international corruption or intelligence. Indian IB is shown hiring a female stranger to hack their own employee computer, that too when the computer is fitted with a technology which is capable of sending a Red-Flash SMS to the mobile number in a very graphic way. The hacker just need a random punching on the keyboard and bingo you got the 3 layers protected IP address within some 5 minutes.
What else you can expect from a director who made Home delivery, Aladin and Jhankaar Beats. Sujoy Ghosh was brilliant in casting some good bengali actors along with Ms Balan and roped them in the streets and bylanes of Calcutta (Kolkatta). The sets were real and had conviction. It was real soothing to eyes that the streets and Police stations were real with real problems. The film opened in hasty and noisy Bengal. Sometimes you might wonder why the director is not stung by any Harry potter style sets (Remember Aladin). The story was tense enough to build an ambiance but kept failing towards the end and finally was slaughtered, and at this point when you look back to the story you might laugh. The story of fake husbands and pregnancy might have occurred to many and Nemesis of names was the game of the movie.

You might wonder how can a lady just arrived from London with a revenge and a perfect plan for a plot everybody will fall. The voluptuous woman after 2 years of training still remains voluptuous. The murder attempt at Vidya and the fearful runaway was so fake that a woman with such a deadly intention would not fall for it. The story was unfolded little late and the surprise factor was spoilt before it was delivered. Sending the much needed man Damji to collect the evidence by the IB chief was too fictitious. The motive behind the IB director and Milan Damji were never solved, the open ended story should have explined the big Question - WHY? why was Vidya's husband targeted, what was the role and benefit of IB department? Why not any ministry involvement was shown? Why Calcutta at first place? Why the retired IB Chief has a grudge ? Why Milan became the hitman? and all ....

I would still like to love this movie due to actors like Parambrata Chatterjee and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Chatterjee was a treat to eyes and a fresh face for Bollywood and he did his justice to the character of a fresh sub inspector. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as IB Maa ki Khan had some intense moment. His flawed moustache was unimportant when you look into the eyes and read his lips. Vidya balan was her usual better that the sultry Silk from Dirty picture. This movie was a blend of Kolkatta and Balan. The screenplay was right and with the good intent. The surprise factor was Saswata Chatterjeeas as Bob Biswas the LIC agent and the contract killer. The dumb look and the zeal for the kill after saying a loose namaste was amazing and a treat to eyes.

The music was very bengali in nature and matched the infatuation of director for the love of the city. The song 'akela chalo' was good in the end but unnecessary at first place breaking the flow of the movie. shankar Ehashaan and Loy's effect went unnoticed. The movie was about a pregnant Vidya, Mysterious husband and Calcutta.

The taut story could have more conviction.

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