Thursday, January 26, 2012


Dharma production was very right to choose a remake of a blood stained drama from its own stable but picked totally wrong script and ensemble. It would have been much better if the name was changed to something else.
There was no Vijay Deenanath Chavhan and Karan Johar is no Ram Gopal Varma. The shades of RGV shown using bad lights destroyed the content of debutante director Karan Malhotra. He did eliminated important roles of Mithun and others but the story was not kept at vigil.  With much less gore and glory this remake cannot beat the original. There was no scar neither face.
The set was so dramatic it never looked real. Right from the old tree to the light houses to the Kancha's den. The whole burned sky look was adding unnecessary look of a animated and intimated scenes. The Movie opens with a weak lines and this time the father was not Aloknath the master. Master Manjunath in the original was better than his eyes filled with rage than the remake's protagonists. Yes, Hritik is indeterminately does not have the persona of Amitabh Bachhan neither the rage of young angry man. This is not the only place where filmed failed, you need to find a convincing story to make believe. Young Vijay was perfectly cast and he showed some anger with his eyes. You will also wonder about a brown eyed boy grows to become a green eyes man.

Sanjay Dutt's character was a caricature and there was no zeal of a dreadful villain. Rather he was holed up in Mandwa islands by a newly created role of Rauf lala.
While Rishi kapoor's character was a real treat to eyes and he is really a wonderful actor. He had passion and expression for the right times. Right from the Child-seller to a Butcher to a drug kingpin, he suited to all the characters like an honest skin. Inspector Gaitonde was a waste and kept to a minimum. Om puri empathy towards vijay was never explained and the movie missed the Mother and son's chemistry.
Rather it showed a emotional scene of brother meeting his young sister in a rightful way and the only scene hitting the cord.
All the songs were useless and unnecessarily breaking the flow and intent. Ajay-Atul music could be missed. There was no Govinda Govinda chants like that of Sarkar's background score but a noisy and weak score of Hare Krishna and Hare Rama midst of Ganesha Visarjan, surprised!
Karan should learn more from Mukul Anand who later gave us Khuda Gawah and Hum with almost same casts.
Did someone say Priyanka Chopra ?

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