Friday, June 8, 2012

O Womaniya - Explained

Gangs Of Wasseypur- Translations & Adaptions of the lyrics in English
(Lyrics: Varun Grover)
The song is sung by Khushboo Raaj and Rekha Jha, with music by Sneha Khanwalkar.
Produced by :- Anurag Kashyap

तारे  जो  बबुना , तरती  बबुनिया  | If he ogles, stares and waits , you do the same
बाबुना  के  हाथे  न  चढ़ती  बबुनिया  | While she teases, taunts and baits but don't fall for him.
ओ Womaniya 
आ हां Womaniya  

मांगे  जो  बबुना  प्रेम  निसनिया  | If he asks for a love bite on his chin
बोले  जो  थोड़ी , कट्टी  हो  कनिया  | then lean over and just nibble his ear.
बदले  रुपिया  के  देना  चवन्निया    |  instead give him a quarter if he asks for a rupee
सैयां  जी  झपटे  तो  होना  हिरनियाँ  | And when he lunges,  flee  like a deer
रह  रह  के  मांगे  चोली  बटअनियाँ   | Don’t let him play with your blouse buttons;   
जी  मे  लुकाये  लोट   लोटनियाँ  | The innocent game will end on his prick while thinking about love playing.

चाहे  मुह -झौंसा  जब  हाथ  सेकनिया   | When the bastard tries to warm his hands,
कन्धा  में  देना  जी  दांत  भुकनिया  | Play along and dig your teeth into his shoulders
बोलेगा  बबुना , चल  जयइहो  पटना , | He (fiance) will offer you a ride to Patna,
पटना  बहाने  वो  चाहेगा  सटना , | and will see this as a chance to get pretty close…
दैइहों  ना  पहुना  को  टिकेट  कटानिया … | Don’t let him buy the ticket all the way (to Patna) 
पटना  ना  जाना  चाहे  जाना  सिवानिया … | Don't go to Patna, even if you have to go to Sivan.

ओ Womaniya | You are a woman of substance 
आ हां Womaniya  | O woman

Click on the below link to listen to this wonderful song while you read the meaningful adaptation just in case you donot understand Bhojpuri Language. 


pandit said...

Very good stuff dude ... made this song more beautiful

Prachee said...

Ee hai Womaniya! :-D

Thanks for the translation. It made the song more meaningful.

Mehnaz said...

Thanks a ton! Makes it so much better. :)

Womaniya indeed!

S said...

check the song meanings again. plenty of problems with that. lyrics spot on. thanks

सुहास said...

Superlike... Thanks :) :)

Tantuj said...

How you made out the meaning.

My journey said...

Great stuff man, the other song Hunter one is awesome too..

Saurabh said...

@tanuj - its my language , so preety simple + GOW official

सचिन उथळे-पाटील said...

thanks ...

Nikhil Akhouri said...

One correction...
"रह रह के मांगे चोली बटअनियाँ"
She demands "Buttoned blouse" every time.

Saurabh Raj Sharan said...

@Nikhil - That's transliteration not translation, i hope you understand :)

Saurabh Raj Sharan said...

@Nikhil :- Why a man will need blouse, think think



marko logo said...

Thank you so much for the translation. Love this song ... ur post made it easy to know it more

ganesh said...

a beautiful song with beautiful lyrics.

oO oO oo OO Oo oo

Aman Alam said...

I think a few lines can be rewritten/ re-translated/ re-transliterated:

बोले जो थोड़ी , कट्टी हो कनिया | If he says chin, nibble his ear instead

रह रह के मांगे चोली बटअनियाँ | He keeps asking for your blouse buttons

जी मे लुकाये लोट लोटनियाँ | In his thoughts he tosses the ideas of love making

Correct me if I am wrong :)

Great job anyway :)

Saurabh Raj Sharan said...

I agree with you Aman:

That's transliteration not translation, i hope you understand :)
I thought of keeping the meaning similar.....
मांगे जो बबुना प्रेम निसनिया | If he asks for a love bite on his chin
बोले जो थोड़ी , कट्टी हो कनिया | then lean over and just nibble his ear.

midhun antony said...

Thanks for the translation...:)