Monday, September 24, 2012


सूरज आज बुझा बुझा सा 
बादलों की लकीरों में फंसता आया,
दुनिया के दायरों को लाघनें में
कोई कशमकश न हुई |

सूरज की इस हलकी आहट से 
सबसे पहले उठ गया मैं , 
सपने बुरे थे आज चादर पर
सिलवटों के साथ सोए पूरी रात  |

कितना सुंदर सवेरा 
बालकनी के दहलीज़ पर 
निकालो तो , उतर आया है |

- सौरभ राज शरण 
  प्रातः 6 बजे , 25 सितम्बर 2012 

(It was such a beautiful morning that I took my time to sit on the chair and admire the rising Sun, with a pen in my hand and camera on the other...
I shot the words and wrote a picture.....)

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Saurabh Raj Sharan said...

English Translation with help from Google translation


Extinguished bit of sun today
came falling into grooves of clouds
In the scope of the crossing the worldly rules
There was not any dilemma |

The faint whispers from the sun
made me got up early,
Dreams were bad on sheet
Slept all night with folds |

What a beautiful morning
On the edge of the balcony
shoot then, came off |