Friday, January 21, 2011

Dhobi Art - Mumbai Candids (Diaries)

A director's cut after a long time. This was due for Bollywood since a very long time. Another Shyam Benegal and Sudhir Mishra in making but in a very artistic and subtle way. Kiran Rao is definitely a well prepared director and doesn't give any actor to grow out of bounds of their character.
Not so thrilling story line but a gripping one and definitely a lot of underplay. This movie belongs to Bombay as in "Salaam Bombay" or "Dharavi". Kiran has added another dimension to this great city. The camera has moved very aesthetically around the chawls and by-lanes. The editing could have been more crisp and smooth. The movie was shown in patches and haphazard way, where the editing was needed to transit from one scene to another.

There was a gap in screenplay which was filled by director's cinematography, which will never let you down. Tushar Kanti Ray has done a remarkable job to fulfill this diary. Be it a wash-away Bombay shore or the empty ceiling where there used to be a fan or the "Jack Daniel on the rocks" mixed with Mumbai Rains. The director was well prepared with the intellect for elusive art. The indirect connect of four lives in the movie was the pulse of bustling Mumbai.

The early morning bath sitting next to a moving railway track and a profession of Rat-Killer by the dusk was something you will never dream of putting on the canvass. The excellent candid photography of Mumbai street is another delight in this movie. Jyotika Jain is excellent behind the lens, as seen in portrayal by Monica Dogra. Monica was another delight in the movie, fresh and very natural to the core of the character. Her changing expression was not matched by the editing, but she was marvelous. A new fresh raw energy. While I wish Pratiek to be more natural. This boy is good in holding expressions but he does it for too long. I don't understand why he is always duped as Smita Patil's son, however I see a shade of Raj Babbar in him. Kriti Malhotra as the shy newlywed was easy to watch. Her character left a mark becuase of a very good story and the direction. She did her part a justice.

Aamir khan is for sure not a misfit. He tried to be natural and in the skin of a introvert Painter, shedding off the star persona. A rare occasional but a treat to see. Nothing too over the top and no subtle underplay.He was stammering in English and was too intense in the smoking scenes. It was a director's baby and he delivered within his limits.

This is not a movie to depict the fast paced Mumbai, but it has its own share. With a better screenplay and editing, the art of the movie could have done wonders. I am watching you Kiran Rao.... you surprised me !!!!


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