Saturday, January 15, 2011

Turning Off at 30!

Turning 30! had a lot of speculation  because it's from Prakash Jha's stable and you have the lass from Dor and Dhoop. However the speculation and reality does not always go together. Sometimes a small script is filled with chewing gums to stretch it to make a full movie. The debutant director Alankita Srivastav , a long time assistant of Prakash Jha, was good in patches. The film was like a soap straight from the TV sitcoms. And this time the Gum was doses of endless beer and 'F' words, endless one night stand jokes,pre marital sex, smooches, sharing relationship, a quick Court win, all silly jokes about mid age-ers, gays and lesbians, lady Chetan Bhagat, wonder Bra and a Raunchy Gigolo Bar. The director used all the urban masala and lingo but forgets to mix in well with right proportions.
Somehow when I see the projects where Alankita had her works gives a disagreement that she is the same lady who worked as an assistant in movies like Dil Dosti etc, Gangajal, Khoya Khoya Chand, Apharan etc...

Gul Panag, impressive but she is better on Twitter. The actor works perfectly in patches and suits the role of women turning 35. She was subtle and in the skin of the character. She was excellent as a desperate girl who wanted her BF badly and was begging with her breath and submission, when his guy came to collect his stuff. But failed when she needed to mouth those unspeakables.
Another remarkable performance was Tillotama Shame, the girl who played the lesbian BFF. She was too natural with the emotions and the eyes. Definitely another find by Mr Jha, She is worth a watch. Rest of the characters were just doing their roles in their own limitations. Purab kohli was a waste and didn't have much to prove.
The music and background score was just Ok to be there. And so was the screenplay and a very average cinematography. There were few one-liners which can be picked up by the youth but overall a very patchy an substandard work. None of the songs were catchy or worth listening.
The end speech of the movie was well crafted and got a good effort from the protagonist. Too cliche at times, mix of 'Sex & City' and 'Bridget Jones's Diary' had nothing new to offer. Wished more Hindi in this Hinglish Chick Flick.

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