Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My dreamland and Brainzombies - A compilation of my subconscious dreams

Hallucinations and delusions must have disturbed everyone from their dreams. I also get them quite often. There are some dreams which are repeated like soap-operas and wake me up in the middle at very instant in the dreams.
A real deception.

1. Infinite fall.

 I am walking on a glass floor, beneath which i could see limitless limits and there is nothing you can focus on. It's like walking on the air with world beneath your feet. There were many people I met while walking and some of them made me queasy. So i walked rapidly and I realized that the glass floor is broken and (shit!) I am falling to embrace the limit.

I held of my bed and sweat beads were getting formed on my forehead and suddenly i saw the Earth. I was not ready for this collision and its getting bigger by each fall. Suddenly I woke up in my bed, Sweating. Hell, where is the earth. I fell from my bed onto my bed. Scary.

2. Immobilized Scream

I open my mouth wide and try very hard to scream and I am able to do it. But where is my voice, my ears are not closed and neither I am deaf. I could feel the surround emptiness an its distinctive pressure. The sound is like a ultrasonic waves which can be felt but not heard. I scream more, take more breath, scream some-more. I kept screaming and suddenly I woke up with a loud scream --- oooooohhhhh. It was again a dream.

3. Just Death

I feel the crumble of my skin because I am a dead person, but still awake in my dream. I could accept the fact that I died. So I fight with the unknown. Neither was I able to move nor shout, all I could do was Fight.
Some sweats, some immovable positions and then a wake up call.
Oops, I am back to life !!


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