Sunday, February 20, 2011

7 Khoon Guilty

“I will kill him and drink his blood,” - declares Priyanka Chopra for her 7th Husband.and you pity on the thriller , so dark yet uninteresting that Vishal Bhardwaj can be termed Guilty.
Adaptation from Ruskin Bond's short story was a brave attempt by VB, However I wish he should stick to William Shakespeare for his inspiration.
The movie opens with a flashback and then goes on in a very straight boring way. The thrill is never chilling, nor the murders.
All the husbands were turned into some sort of caricatures before 'Piggy' chops them. Loose story and screenplay ruined the dark shadows and camera. The makeup tried to cover-up the patches of VB's venture but it all ended in a long 2 and half hours of movie which drags. Weak characterization of Two male helps and one Maggie aunty proved the weak story . VB forgets to add the real police with law and order in place. Instead he sends an officer with sexual appetite boiled by blue popping pills.
Other husbands like the one legged major with a gallantry award  was another caricature played well by Neil. Followed by a bulging John, whose love story was never explained. Neither was the drug abuse. Irrfan khan was another disappointment, its good to know that he is buried in snow now. The Russian double agent was another hard hitter without a cause although Naseer had one. He failed too as he portrayed a Bengali  Mushroomist.
The only artist which impressed me was Vivan Shah. He got his bloody talent from papa Naseeruddin Khan and was flawless with his love for his Shahib. He was patient , smooth and perfect. This adult story had his teenage platonic love angles.

The music was ofcourse good. VB kept the tempo and some faith through his music. Like always supported by none other than the legendary Gulzar. Songs like "Tere Liye" and "Bekaran" were very poetic and the best among the lot. So was the two rock numbers. Daarrling was a peppy, saucy foot thumping ballet, just like another 'Dhan te nan'.
The chronology of Indian events were kept and excelled along with Priyanka's aging skin. 

I can forgive Priyanka but not VB.
Thank God, her last husband was already dead. We were saved by another caricature. 


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