Friday, February 18, 2011

Green traffic lights

Today was my real start of bachelorhood, only for mere 11 days.
I bid goodbye to my Girl-friend at the Bangalore Airport.
She is off to Delhi , for wedding preparations.
I thought I ll do something, and before I could blink, everything started falling out of place.

I needed to shift my whole suitcase into several big cardboard boxes, in order to vacate my room. 
My office is having a bad day, escalations are eating up my weekends.
All of my friends are busy.
I am alone in my room along with 29 sealed boxes.
Tomorrow is Saturday and I ll be in my office.
Hungry from morning, as the burner is in some miscellaneous boxes.
I Searched the scotch but the glasses are packed deep in a very secure way.
I cannot live with my suitcase packed in these boxes.
I cannot sleep in changing beds.
My cable connection is still on , but the TV is enclosed surrounded by polystyrene sheets.

I remember now, while coming back from Airport, all the traffic signals were Green.
Did I miss one?

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Sai said... were so jumped three red signals :)