Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Ragini B!tch MMS Project

This raunchy date movie has turned the table into a voyeuristic horror genre on the likes of 'Blair Witch project' and fixed camera angle of 'Paranormal Activity'. But, Defiantly its not inspired from both of its Hollywood counterpart. Only the technique and presentation style is inspired, and Ragini MMS has its own real story and Desi flavor. The debutant director Pawan Kripalani has done justice to the digital real film camera by  borrowing it  from the producers of Love, Sex and Dhoka Ekta Kapoor.While Ekta has proved that if you have a good story, you don't need A rated superstars. Actors and budding artiste can do the justice with a pure dedication. Dibankar Banerjee's casting from LSD has proved it once.

This spooky genre has not wasted time in explaining the story behind the haunted mansion or the love between the two quintessential Bombay lovers. The best is left for its sheer imagination and that's bang-on the target. Its creepy when your girl-friend is Pink Handcuffed, and you are about to unzip the down, you get a hair-pull so strong that your skull bleeds and you forget the hard-on and fall straight in to the paranormal world of frenzy bites and creepy voices.The senses are bound to loose. The most real shot was when you see a door open on its own you don't freeze in the demurral but run like a child screaming and shitting from the ass. That was hilariously spine chilling. The camera was loosing the resolution from time to time but the angles on which they were mounted gave a good Wide-Angle view of entire frame. By keeping the 3/4 frame empty, the viewer was forced to ignore the 1/3rd frame where intimate kisses were shared. Eyeballs were looking for something paranormal throughout. The twists and timings of Ram Gopal Varma's Bhoot were missing in this clip, nevertheless, it was a good attempt.
Both the actors Raj Kumar Yadav [again borrowed from LSD] and Kainaz Motivala were amazingly truly perfect. Raj almost doing the same cast from LSD , mouthed the frustration in a very natural way. The explicit dialogues were neatly written to show him as insensitive and chauvinist. While Kainaz ruled the second half of the movie with her screams and pleads. While Bappi Lahiri did a great remix of 'You are my Chicken Fry and Fish Fry'. The other songs were in background and competent enough to get mixed with a background score. The Score was scary enough to run a sense of fear was was repeated so badly that it became evident about a paranormal presence. The screenplay and cinematography did justice to the subjectiveness of a voyeurism.

A new benchmark is set in Indian Horror flicks.


Pratyush said...

You are right about the part when the guy jus drops the woodden club n runs like a scared child.. that was a very very very natural reaction n anyone would have reacted the same way.. not in some holly/bolly-woodiesh style of turning arnd n checking out what the ghost is upto....

Saurabh said...

yeah thanks u noticed ... Yippeee