Friday, May 13, 2011

Stanley ka Dabba Movie

Ok, so enough of  praises and subtle style of direction.
This isn't a Documentary neither a Main stream cinema . Indeed it's a Debut. Debutant Director Amol Gupte has tried his skills best using a SLR (Canon 7D - impressive). The closeup shots are good, but camera shakes a lot depicting a weak hand held streaks. Although the shots are always cut short. First half is wasted totally showing different tiffin boxes with unusual stuffs. Yes, the Dabbas are loaded with Jalebis, biscuits or chakris. Ironically, there is a rich fat kid who brings a Dabba which can satisfy appetites of many.

Altogether the second half looks incomplete and fails flat on the promises or the surprise. The child labor story lacks the punch and the thrill. The whole gag is circumcised around who eats whose dabba. There are several better narration with respect to a child labour. The Protagonist is a lovely child of Gupte -Promising Partho. His eloquence are best in the movie and he delivers with the cute little face of his. His expressions are hard but can come easy with time.
The end morals and the statistics cannot save this movie. There was not a single stealer when you talk about emotions. The obnoxious crave for children's Dabba was never explained and so was the Vanishing act of "Khadoos" the hindi teacher played by Gupte. The screenplay was superb in patches and songs were good with the timing. However they could not strike the right chord. Other casts like Divya Dutta, Divya Jagdale, Raj Zutshi and  Shiv Subramaniam were not given any screen space. The story completely lacked the head and tail and therefore the roles were left unfinished. There was "India Dance" sequence, completely out of the way leading to a road side Dhaba. The last 5 minutes were touching and tried to leave a message.
This movie could be avoided on a trade-off with DD-1 at prime time.
Half star for Stanley
and Rest was packed in Staley's Dabba - Undelivered.

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