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Biryani places in Bangalore-Top 4

A research and my favorite Biryani places in Bangalore. The listed restaurant and eateries have in no way contacted me to write this blog and the ratings are entirely personal and belongs to me. I will also not claim that I have eaten Biryani from all the Biryani serving places in Bangalore. However I have tried most of it at all the possible, famous and not-so-famous places.

1. Meghana special Biryani-->This small place in Koramangala is a sinful place if you are Biryani fan. The biryani served is more of pakki-dum style biryani influenced by Hyderabadi spices. You should be surprised that the meat are cooked separately and often served separately. A little bit on the drier side, but use the saalan.The Rice grains are long and smeared with right dose of chili, onion and hot spices. The Special version is boneless chicken fired along with whipped egg and gives an unique identity to its flavor. The taste is towards the fierier side and usually served along with light thin raita and good Mirchi Saalan.
The place is usually overcrowded and the only thing you can order confidently is chicken/mutton/egg biryani. The ambience is little too average and you might need to share the table with others, services are quick and prompt.

Tip: - Eat the Biryani with your hand, the true Indian way. You can also order Double Masala if you want something real hot.

2. Hyderabad Biryaani House--> Hyderabd Biryaani House at Old Airport Road is not a place for fainthearted, located above Dominos in a quite dingy place. Here you should only come for sheer love of Hyderabadi Biryani. The biryani is very close to the authentic taste of a Hyderabadi biryani. For the proof you can wait in a long queue if you come at regular lunch/dinner times. The meat is tender and succulent with spices. As the owners claim that the meat is marinated with 35 kinds of different spices for over 3 hours. Then it is slow cooked with Basmati rice
For the veggies, they can order Veg or /Egg biryani with Veg rice and a choice of Double or single masala. The aroma of Biryani will surround you and make you eat in haste. The side dishes are salad and Salan along with Onion Raita.
Tip: - Ignore the ambiance and Binge on Biriyani.

3. Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs--> This odd name is rated best in Bangalore and is a five star Dining wing of ITC Windsor focusing on Awadhi cuisine. With regal ambience and world class service, you cannot miss the impeccable touch.
The biriyani is served in a silver, “Dastarkan”  fine cutlery which is handi shaped, and Dum cooked as the name suggests. 
The meat is rich with maximum flavor and fill of aroma. The waiter will open the seal of handi on your table and this will be the moment you will enjoy the richness of several herbs and spices gone inside the Awadhi Biryani.  It gives you a wholesome experience of royal appetite. The taste is rich and homogenous unlike the previous places catering Hyderabadi Biryanis.
You can also order Kakori Kababs and lamb chops along with your biryani. Make sure your wallet is heavy.

Tip:- Just ask the chef about the details that goes inside Biryani and enjoy it while Old hindi classic or live Ghazals lightens the whole mood.

4. Biriyani Zone-->A small no frill place in Whitefield area just after Marthahalli branding itself as Biriyani cooked in traditional fire wood. This is a perfect balanced biryani with right texture and quantity. I tried mutton as well as chicken biryanis here and both are blended well with a good quality of rice. The mutton pieces and shanks are nicely smeared with spices and grease They are served along with standard Riata , salaam and Salads. You can order boiled eggs separately if you want.

Tip:- It’s a definitely not a place for vegetarians, the rice they serve here in Egg Biryani is actually from chicken Biryani. Use your hand for quick bites. 

For Future read :- Click here if you are interested in Biryani and its culture.
For the record I have tried places like Samarkand, Ammi's Biryani, Bhagini's, Hyderabad House, Cafe Masala, Sahab Sindh Sultan, Imperials, Empire,Umerkot, copper chimney, Hyd Mahal, Jalsa...... etc.


Sajid said...

My wife who's running an independent catering service (Arshiya's Kitchen) makes the best Biryani in B'lore! This is not my claim but the regular feedback from her regular customers. :) If you're interested in getting a taste of it, I'll be glad to deliver to you to check for yourself. Just drop a note to arshiyaskitchen at gmail dot com


Saurabh said...

Thanks Sajid for the invite.
I have send you a mail regarding your comment.


Feedback said...

List Biryan resturant in the link are far from the reality here is the list for Bangalore

If you are Adventurous trying out military hotels and not meant for looks then try this places

1) Naidu Hotel - Kalasipalya (Dont go by looks, Mutton Biryani is good, need to go by lunch time, otherwise they server cold, frankly tast is good).

2) SGS Biryani (Donnae Birayani), Balapet You need to go inroads of the old Banagalore Akkipet Area.

3) Shivaji Military Hotel -Near Banashankari Bus stand

4) RMH - Ranganna Military Hotel Kanakapura road

5) Royal Orachid - Mutton Birayani muslim style.

Old Prashanth at corner used to be good after change of owner it last its task and become very dirty and clumsy maintainance by present owner.

Saurabh said...

Thanks , will surely try these and update...

i keep exploring Biryanis All over India, World and Bangalore