Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dirty Picture is overhyped and over cleavage

This is not a biopic of "Silk Smitha", Milan clarified that its not based on Silk but loosely inspired from the story of sensation of south India in 80's. Its becoming trend to lose or gain weight to do justice for the role, but that doesn't justify a good movie. Vidya Balann also put on 15 kgs as per demand of the role and the propaganda, she looked fat, the fat which one acquires after alcohol and age and this fat was beautiful for the character. The titillating and distasteful dialouges ruined the entire movie.
Milan was always a Masala director and this movie needed a thoughtfulness about a B grade actor, about her zeal for life and fame. He completely missed it and thus the movie lost the content.The story never justified the runaway teen and her way of talks early in the movie, missing the entire plot. The lecherous  role of Nassiruddin Shah was also not sketched well. The Movie looked like a slapstick and serious at the same time and that's where it failed.

Let's talk about Vidya now.. She got cleavage and she showed it maximum. The screenplay will make you feel that you are watching a B grade movie. She got the emotions but Milan Luthria failed to portray them , he was not able to focus above the chest to the face. It was indeed a bold attempt from Ms Balan.
Tusshar was completely forced written and as producer's brother he was not manly enough even with the thick mustache. He lacked the depth of a serious lover and failed to stand in the times of crisis.
He mouthed very bad lines and I ll blame the screenplay. Rajat Arora seems to only research the cheap gossip columns and hence the ugly caricature of Anju Mahendru. The lone journalist in the movie was a wolf or a fox or a cow, you will never know. There is so little know about the Real Silk that the screenwriter missed the biopic stuffs and launched a full throbbing cleavage thumping movie.
Emraan Hashmi was cool in the dark linen suits and the only saving grace in the movie. He has evolved with some seriousness. The movie was told as his flashback memory but why. He got some good wolf whistling dialogues.
The editing by Akiv Ali is very shady and goes black at times and the lighting's are too dark for movie of glittering status. Vidya Balan's Costumes are unnecessary made filthy, it would have been good if those were kept for movies inside the movie.
If you want to whistle throughout watching the thighs and plump bosoms filled with dramatic dialogues, go for it.
After all it's not "Boogie Nights" neither "Gia" nor Vidya is Angelina Jolie as Gia Marie Carangi.

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